Following misunderstandings with our Chinese partners, I asked for Binghui’s help – Using her understanding of both Chinese and Israeli business cultures she could bridge not only the language barrier but also the business cultures and helped us to formulate and implement a strategy that led to a real win-win solution. In addition, Binghui helped us to prepare our Marketing kit material for China, using the correct language and business terms.

Ilan Ben David



“MindCET hired JumpScale in order to help us penetrate the Chinese market. After benchmarking the market for such service we’ve met with Mrs. Dong and impressed by her outstanding understanding of the Chinese market, her network and level of knowing our target segment and the preparation work she did prior to our trip to China.
Mrs. Dong joined our trip in June 2019 and was pivot in our efforts to establish presence in the region. Due to our combined work we now have some initial dialog with leaders in the Chinese market and we are working to make it into partnerships and presence in China.
Mrs. Dong has demonstrated superb business skills together with intimate knowledge of Chinese mentality and traditions. I strongly recommend her for any business development in the region. “

Harel Ram

VP Business Development